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Try our Free Mobile Webapp www.bridgeautomation.net/mobile/
Mobile WebApp

Recent Updates:
  • 12/21/14-Ver 1.32-Numeric keypad will now pop-up on your mobile device when you click on edit boxes requiring numbers
  • Some of the Features:
    • Works With Any Device
    • Optimized For Mobile Devices
    • Reinforcement Dimensions
    • Standard and Stirrup Hook Dimensions
    • Prestress Strand Properties
    • LRFD Rectangular Beam Design
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We have a Vertical Curve Android App on Google Play
Vert Curve Android App

Recent Updates:
  • Created Pro version with no Ads
  • Added graphics
Some of the Features:
  • Calculates elevations on a symmetric parabolic curve
  • Calculates one or more elevations
  • Elevations can fall on the tangent sections before and after curve
  • Email results

Try our online Section Property Webapps in our Tools/Analysis Section. We just added a new Composite Steel Girder section, and updated the Concrete Box Girder to include chamfers at the top of the cells.

Section Property Webapps

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